A eulogy to the German 1P scene
As of in the present day it’s official my pals. We’ll be leaving the authorized grey zone and be part of our pals with an analogue ban on nearly all the things. The Bundesrat has convened in the present day and accepted a proposal including new substance teams to the German NpSG together with tryptamines, lysergamides, benzodiazepines, extra teams of artificial cannabinoids in addition to analogues of U47700. Now dissos is all we’ve got left… for now. I am ready eagerly for the Chinese language to announce a brand new ban so we get the brand new checks we’ve got been promised for the final 9 month. I consider the legislation goes into impact on October 1st. Do not take my phrase for it tho. https://www.bundesrat.de/SharedDocs/TO/979/to-node.html

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  1. “Humans have no need to expand their minds or feel good, they’re here to slave for corporations and thats all they should think about”

    Government/Elite logic.

  2. So we can order and increase our stack until 1st October? Thats quite nice news cause i thought it‘d be illegal with July

  3. That is absolutely enraging to hear. Banning substances which should be part of the human rights is incredibly fucking worrying.. not only because of lack of social freedom, but also for the future of the science and research of these substances, which could have incredible results in medicine.


    But drinking yourself into a coma is understandable and legally accepted.

    *Therefore, the government strikes with an IQ of approximately 0.3*

  4. Just got a shipment from Canada (1p ald52 and some tryps) no prob and one on the way from China. Where theres a will theres a way. And when the clearnet fails the darknet is waiting.

  5. This is really sad, i dont live in germany but i order from there and they have always been really cooperative and send me 2 replacement orders because DHL fucked up. I really hope i can find another vendor and especially that the netherlands dont do the same

  6. “A famous philosopher once wrote..”

    “1-cyclopropionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide, also known as 1cP-LSD or Curie Acid, is a novel and legally unregulated LSD analog.

    The properties of the substance 1cP-LSD are described as almost identical to those of the classic LSD 25 and 1P-LSD. This gives interested chemists a huge range of opportunities to explore this class of compounds, even without the BfArm’s approval.

    The substance is still legal because the substitution is with a cyclopropylcarbonyl group. This residue is very similar to a C4 residue on R1 as mentioned in Appendix 5.2 a) of the NpSG Amendment Ordinance. However, an alkylcarbonyl group has the empirical formula C4H7O, whereas the cyclopropylcarbonyl group corresponds to a molecular formula of C4H5O. Accordingly, one can not call the cyclopropyl as alkyl radical and thus the substance 1cP-LSD is not affected by the NpSG amending Regulation.

    1cP-LSD can not hydrolyze to contact with atmospheric moisture to LSD-25, only by the action of acid or base. The substance remains stable under atmospheric conditions.

    We provide 1cP-LSD in the form of 100μg cardboard / blotter for research purposes *. The blotter are marked with the inscription “1P-LSD”.

    Our products do not contain any of the substances listed in the annexes to the BtmG (status: NpSGuBtMGAnlÄndV, July 2019). Nor are they subsumed under the pharmaceutical concept of the AMG. The substances distributed by us are not covered by the NpSG (state: NpSGuBtMGAnlÄndV, July 2019). The law enforcement agencies are not competent.”

  7. ich habe seit 3 Tagen was von einer Webseite bestellt , also das war davor und gilt als normal oder ? kriege ich Problemen davon ?

  8. I’ve just seen one of the German vendors list 1cP-LSD on their site the other day which apparently isn’t affected by this law change, I don’t know anything about it tho or how they managed to evade it.

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