Anoxic brain injury and microdosing
Hi there all, final yr I overdosed on fent and ended up in a coma for 2 weeks I had little or no mind exercise,, The docs had been telling my household to drag the plug on me that I in all probability wouldn’t get up, and if I did I might be in a vegetative state or in a childlike state without end. My Glasgow scale was a 2 , In my mind and a number of other organs had been broken attributable to lack of oxygen. Once I did get up I wasn’t absolutely there, I couldn’t see Nor stroll Nor feed myself , As time went on my cognition acquired higher and higher. After two months of being in Neurocare my case employee got here in and informed me that I might be going to inpatient rehab within the hospital, that I might be having bodily remedy, occupational remedy and speech/cognitive remedy day-after-day, I continued progressing they usually lowered my discharge date, after I left the hospital I may stroll with a limp, had cortical visible notion points and coordination issues together with steadiness issues. They then had me do outpatient remedy which improved these areas barely.they informed me to go to a neurologist. Which I took a 6 hour check with them , the outcomes shocked me, he informed me that in his 30 years of follow he had solely seen 2 folks with my type of restoration, that my reminiscence was nice together with my reasoning, drawback fixing, working reminiscence, communication and normal intelligence of the world. That I ought to go to school once more, which I’m. The one deficiencies he seen had been all visible duties which was not a shock to me additionally some slight recall of data, however that when given a cue , I may bear in mind., So currently I’ve been simply ready for varsity to begin, I’m taking lessons on-line as a result of transporting points ( I can’t drive, my notion points) . I’ve had elevated social anxiousness and normal anxiousness, psychological confusion because of the notion points, I’ve been feeling depressed about myself and life… and I’m going to a substance abuse counselor for previous points and anxiousness however I’m probably not getting over the extreme anxiousness I’ve I’m in search of reduction from this stuff and I heard microdosing has many advantages, thanks for studying Here’s a video journey of my four months within the hospital, my aunt made this if you’re like me and don’t just like the music, flip off the sound lol

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  1. I may sound like a crazy person but you can probably benefit from trying mushrooms in order to aid in creating new neuron pathways. You see, psychedelics are known to create new pathways for the brain to operate, it’s a fact. You could possibly restore brain function incredibly fast. I know it sounds risky but it’s something worth at least doing research on because it could possibly dramatically change your life for the better.

  2. Hey man i had a stroke 2 years ago and suffered some of the same symptoms you are. First. If you do, stop smoking weed until the fog clears up a bit, and get on some lions mane mushroom extract. Look it and its benefits up. Then when you go wow i cant believe this, look up other medicinal mushrooms and there “alleged” benefits.

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