Can you do volumetric 1P-LSD microdosing with whisky?
Heyup, I am microdosing 1P-LSD and am following these [VOLUMETRIC MICRODOSING WITH LSD]( directions, which say you need to use vodka. I’ve finished that and it is cool however I *frickin despise the style of vodka* and it sticks round in my mouth all day lol. Therefore my query – can I take advantage of whisky (which I like) as a substitute subsequent time? I do not see why not however thought I would see what you guys thought. Cheers.

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3 thoughts on “Are you able to do volumetric 1P-LSD microdosing with whisky?”
  1. Not sure, but distilled water works just as well you might have to let the tabs sit a bit longer to make sure all of it is absorbed into the solution.

  2. It’s possible with any alcohol, preferably with as little sugar as possible and over 40% alcohol

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