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I’ve been speaking to some associates about microdosing psilocybin. They’re all doing it for various private causes and so they have peaked my curiosity in utilizing it to exchange antidepressants. I began taking Wellbutrin 300mg a few yr in the past once I misplaced my job and my Dad died. It did not do the trick, so my dr added Trintellix 20mg. I preferred this combo. It made the fixed crying cease, and I might truly really feel myself cease the waterworks that normally observe the pinch in my abdomen that I get when I attempt to speak about something emotional. The down aspect was that I felt like my reminiscence was affected and it raised my physique temp to a really uncomfortable stage. This ended when my insurance coverage modified and so they would not pay for the Trintellix. My dr then put me on Prozac 20mg with the Welbutrin 300mg. I had complications for a couple of weeks which have stopped now, nevertheless it does not cease the crying anymore. With the joblessness and quarantine, my ideas are going to fairly darkish locations fairly always. I like the thought of having the ability to rewire my mind to assume otherwise quite than maintain taking meds to suppress feelings, however I want route as to methods to get off my meds and on to psilocybin safely. Clearly, my physician wont assist me with this, so I come to y’all for enter or tales about how you may have carried out it. Thanks upfront! TL/DR: I’m on the lookout for recommendation on methods to safely swap from Welbutrin 300mg & Prozac 20mg to microdosing psilocybin to deal with despair.

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