Is microdosing good for OCD?
I have been occupied with microdosing for a while now. I’ve learn all the nice advantages it might convey and am undoubtedly . A lot so, that I’ve had capsules 0.1g every of psilocybin readily available for a few months and have but to start the trial. From what I’ve learn, it feels like the very best place to begin is the “1 day on, 2 time off” strategy, utilizing 0.1g capsules. Nevertheless, that mentioned, I am nonetheless hesitant, as I take 150mg of Lamictal each day for my BP2 dysfunction, and fear this might doubtlessly have both 1) adversarial results or 2) no results. Are there any insights or research anybody can share? I’ve discovered tons on psychedelic remedy and microdosing, however am having bother discovering data immediately pertaining to my state of affairs. Thanks!

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