Question with jail and the meds with actual mental illness as well and permanent issues from the past and withdrawals they give
Chilling with some blues and drank

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  1. Those are the pharmacy bottles. So either they were stolen from the pharm or you or someone u know is a pharmacist/tech snaggin em and falsisying the count. I know someone who did thst like 12 years ago, but that was for blues and dilaudid and he got busted.

  2. It’s safe drinking lean while on bars? My friend reckons that’s how you OD but idk if his talkin smack or what

  3. Years ago my buddy had a friend was straight stealing tens of thousands of blues every month and 60s and 80s lol. Well he’s serving a prison sentence lol.

  4. I see so many people with the 100 count bottles of bars, ive gotten sealed stock bottles of lyrica, subs, and others because theyre sold in 30-60-90 increment quantities but Im like wondering when people get a 100ct bottle was It a bottle with 10 missing, was It a script for 120 and they gave a full bottle plus 20 more, or I suppose the doctor could write the quantity as 100 but ive never had that happen. Hmm

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