My experience with Microdosing acid - 1.5 years later
I just lately discovered that I am excessive functioning autistic and have ADHD, sadly after 38 years of remedy and 32 of remedy. I had no concept that ladies can have utterly completely different signs than males, apparently none of my medical doctors in virtually 40 years did both!! In keeping with researchers I’ve talked to, I am a basic case. I’ve had many labels (bipolar, BDP, OCD, and many others.) however no therapy helped till I bought the ADHD prognosis (got here first). My life began altering dramatically, however sadly I am so bitter, offended and annoyed from the trauma of just about 5 a long time or going undiagnosed. I am terrified to have even friendships, not to mention a accomplice, and jobs are just about not possible to seek out for a middle-aged chick even with out these issues. I’ve bought paralyzing social nervousness that apparently psychedelic remedy may reset.! Unsure if I ought to strive a guided macro-dose or micro-dose alone. BTW, I do not drink alcohol or espresso, no avenue medicine in a long time, not often even take Tylenol or anti-histamines. I bought off SSRIs three months in the past after 25 years (!) and it feels nice, however my psychiatrist then gave me Lamictal to switch it. It is bought no results besides horrible unintended effects for me. I informed her I’m accomplished – however did not inform her that I wish to get utterly clear so I can do psychedelic remedy. I signed up for a Johns Hopkins examine however as a result of I did psychedelics in highschool, they did not settle for me, however there are locations to do guided macro. I will probably be accomplished truly fizzling out Lamictal in three weeks, so wish to strive microdosing however MY GOD, it appears to be like difficult! These web sites which have the how-tos are like a nuclear bomb explosion to somebody with ADHD and sensory points! Plus that one man on Shroomery has a gif of Jesus masturbating on his profile and it is hardcore triggering. No go. I am curious if anybody has an identical profile and their experiences with MD and/or the talent required to really develop!

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