My experience with Microdosing acid - 1.5 years later
Hello everybody, I hope you are having fun with your weekend! So, I’ve this job interview tomorrow morning and I need to take advantage of out of it. I’ve had some job interviews earlier than and normally I have been in a position to pull them off comparatively nicely. Moreover, I’ve observed that after I’m on my ordinary microdosing schedule I’ve nice, easygoing interviews with principally constructive outcomes, specifically in the event that they occur on a dose day. Microdosing LSD has positively helped me overcome nervousness and self-distrust on conditions like these. Sadly, I took a break from my ordinary microdosing schedule earlier than the pandemic started and I’ve not been in a position to get extra tabs so I can return to my ordinary routine. Though I’ve carried out comparatively good with out microdosing the previous months, these final two weeks have been specifically tough and I can really feel the despair coming again. For my upcoming interview I’ve to point out the model of me I really feel pleased with (if that sentence is sensible in any respect lol) if I need to succeed and impress my evaluators. It is a 4-hour lengthy session of various interviewers and themes to speak about so I need to keep away from carrying down by the method and preserve my spirits excessive. I need to ask you, what would you counsel me to do? There is no manner I can discover extra LSD to microdose tomorrow, however I can depend on meditation earlier than the interview and possibly some stimulant (?)… I do not know, I am working out of concepts so I’d very a lot recognize it if anybody may give me recommendation, share an identical story you’ve got gone by, or something you suppose is likely to be helpful. Thanks! Edit: spelling

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