My experience with Microdosing acid - 1.5 years later
Lengthy story quick I’ve had fairly dangerous melancholy for a very long time, and some months in the past I used to be began on Lexapro. It’s been okay by way of eliminating bodily anxiousness results (palpitations, shortness of breathe, and so forth), and I suppose it’s doing it’s job I’m a delicate method however I don’t wish to be reliant on it. I’d prefer to at the least try to “remedy” myself and have the ability to get by with out medicine. I’m involved in each LSD and Psilocybin, however I’m questioning what a great dosing schedule would appear like? Perhaps every of them as soon as every week, long run, however on totally different days? Say, each Saturday I MD LSD, and each Sunday I MD shrooms? Or do I load up, and MD LSD each different day for 2 weeks, then MD shrooms each different day for 2 weeks, and be finished with it eternally? What can be the most secure and simplest path to microdosing each of them?

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