My experience with Microdosing acid - 1.5 years later
And one in every of my managers who is aware of I’m on a brand new medicine (however not what it’s) informed me at the moment “you probably did an excellent job at the moment. Your new medication appears to be actually serving to you” And it has. I’ve been microdosing round .1g of psilocybin mushrooms in a capsule 5 days every week (the times i work) for my excessive migraines. I went down from close to fixed migraines to solely 1-Three cluster headache episodes a day. I haven’t missed a day of labor apart from someday proper after I began my regime trigger I had a abdomen virus. The place as earlier than I used to be leaving early possibly as soon as every week. This has considerably improved my high quality of life. It’s not solved all my points. I’ve obtained some undiagnosed points with my joints (which have really elevated in severity the previous couple of weeks) and not sure the complete spectrum of my dysfunction(s) However I’m in a position to stay a semi regular life once more. I nonetheless must watch out. Excessive strain and climate modifications can nonetheless set off them to come back. In addition to excessive warmth. Or shifting from scorching to chilly areas quickly. And a few smells like bleach. I’ve not had a single migraine episode last more than possibly 90 minutes since I’ve began. If anybody has questions. I’ll reply them from my expertise and to the perfect of my means.

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