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Mining Return Chart

Number of miners deployed

Projected Mining revenue per Annum

*The above model has been designed to illustrate the projected revenue that we expect to be generated from the types of miners we would deploy in our data centre. The model is illustrated on a per annum basis. The actual results can vary due to market conditions, network difficult and hash rates. In addition the above model doesn’t take into account the operating costs of the mine, so these projections are gross of all operational costs (Our calculations were made when the price of Bitcoin was $14,000)

The model is a sample calculation and has been approved for illustration purposes only. This should not be used as a basis to make an informed decision to invest in tokens or an offer or proposition to buy tokens, which should be done only after reading our authorised Investment Memorandum.

What is AX1?

Get into crypto in a meaningful way in multiple currencies

The concept of AX1 is to give token holders the chance to profit from mining multiple cryptocurrencies from our state-of-the-art data centre based in Manchester, England.

50% of the profits from these mining operations will be placed in secure bank accounts / wallets, which will be independently audited by Grant Thornton. This creates a real asset based price for the AX1 token holders. These accounts will hold Fiat and cryptocurrencies and you, as a token holder, will continue to benefit from positive movements in the cryptocurrencies held there, further increasing your profits.

Our aim from a completed sale, as you can see from the slider above, is to deploy 5000 miners, generating a projected mining revenue of $28,000,000 per annum for the AX1 Token Holders.

We will list on a number of major exchanges and Bancor. In addition, the parent company AX Group, will offer to buy your tokens at market value, thus ensuring that you can exit and secure your profits at any time.

Please feel free to browse the site, read our whitepaper and talk to us for more details. We look forward to welcoming you as a token holder.

Stuart Anderson CEO

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The value of the AX1 tokens will be further elevated through the following growth opportunities:

Mining Crypto

As time has passed, more and more people have got involved in crypto mining.

The problems you face

With increasing numbers of miners attempting to solve the problems each day, it would follow that the hashes of blocks are being calculated at increasingly faster rates.

To avoid things spinning out of control, the community agrees to increase the difficulty of the problem miners need to solve to ensure the consistency of the block generation.

Due to the complexity of the problems, it is now almost impossible to mine profitably from home using standard computer equipment.

The AX1 solution

Buying AX1 tokens allows you to participate in the use of a state-of-the-art data centre, developed specifically for mining cryptocurrencies at scale.

The data centre will use its miners to create its own dedicated mining pools in various currencies, chosen by our experts to maximise return from the computing power available.

Therefore, anyone with an AX1 token will be able to participate in profitable crypto currency mining regardless of knowdledge and/or computing power.

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Why should you use
a Mining Pool?

There is still a great deal of profit to be made for those who can access the right equipment, suitably managed, cooled and administered.

People looking to mine cryptocurrencies in the near future are likely to be much more successful if they have access to a centralised mining pool that is built to withstand this increasing complexity of the block solution.

With AX1 we are offering token holders the chance to join such a mining pool and claim rewards via capital appreciation that we collect through time.

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The Benefits

We wanted to do something more than launch just another token that distributed mined coins. Instead, we wanted that mining pool to actually help create long-term capital value for the token itself.

Ability to switch mining rigs between coins at short notice.

Strategic Advisory Committee directs focus only on coins most likely to increase in value.

Focus on mining several coins rather than just one.

Data centre layout ideal for demarcation between different coins.

Continual innovation using latest technology.

Major focus on R&D to stay ahead of the competition.

Expansion plan in place to build second data centre.

Back-up operation already established to handle any over-capacity.


Start to develop concept & design token
Secure £10m UK data centre
Commence Whitepaper
AX1’s ICO launches
Build second mining centre
Start mining
Additional development resource acquired
Develop mining portal


Crowdsale Tokens = 22,222,222 AX1 tokens

2% of the tokens are set aside for the Bounty campaign.
8% will be distributed to the AX1 Founders.
90% will be made available to the public via the pre-sale and public ICO.

Below shows the stages of our Crowdsale:

ICO Stage 1

Now Open

0.0015 ETH

Min 100 Tokens
1.75 Million Available

Buy Tokens

ICO Stage 2

23rd April 2018 16:00 UTC

0.0016 ETH

Min 50 Tokens
3 Million Available

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ICO Stage 3

30th April 2018 16:00 UTC

ETH equivalent to $1.00

Min 25 Tokens
5.75 Million Available

Sign Up

ICO Stage 4

14th May 2018 16:00 UTC

ETH equivalent to $1.20

Min 10 Tokens
All Remaining

Sign Up

PLEASE NOTE: The ETH prices of each stage are set at the equivalent price in US dollars 24 hours before the start of the stage. Once set, the price in ETH will remain constant throughout the duration of the stage. This model is used to reduce the risk of fluctuations in Ether hindering investment from contributors during the crowdsale.

Accepted payments for the presale are GBP. In the public ICO, AX1 tokens can be purchased only with Ethereum. The base cryptocurrency will be Ethereum. Other cryptocurrencies will be exchanged via the Shapeshift API. The AX1 tokens will be sent to the user’s personal respective cryptocurrency wallet after AX1’s Token Sale Stage 4, subject to participants complying with regulatory guidelines.


Executive Team

In order to control the mining operation and investment of the mined coin portfolio in the most efficient manner possible, the Executive Team has put in place a structure which optimises the skills of individuals whilst providing them a controlled structure to work within. The Executive Team will sit above two specialised sub-committees to control and administer the routine day-to-day activities of each function. This ensures that a robust reporting mechanism is in place and any underperformance in either department can be quickly identified and corrected.

The Executive Team will comprise of four highly experienced individuals:

Stuart Anderson


Stuart is an expert in strategic technical thinking and financial product development and distribution. His previous roles include CEO of a £400m hedge fund and Implementation Director for an IFA consolidator with assets exceeding £4bn. Stuart has extensive experience advising investment groups on branding, financial structuring and capital raising, and is a long-time member of Mensa.

Mark Shaw

Director of Product

A University of Durham Alumnus with 9 years of experience in the software and SAAS industry, Mark is responsible for delivering and defining current and long term product strategies across multiple brands and platforms, and taking products from strategic planning and conception to market.

Lucy Cartledge

Director of Operations

Lucy’s legal background underpins her role as Director of Operations, which consists of the implementation and management of all facets of the business infrastructure and resources, including employees. Her responsibilities also encompass managing the roll-out of product launches and distribution initiatives. Lucy’s previous roles include working for a leading pension provider.

Mr. Carlo Martinengo


With over 30 years’ experience in financial services, 11 years of which spent at JTC, Carlo oversees an administration team responsible for the provision of corporate services to a wide range of structures, including ESCROW, JPUTS, Limited Partnerships, employee benefit trusts and corporate entities with asset classes as diverse as Residential and Commercial Real Estate development and cryptocurrencies.

Product Development & Marketing Team

Frode Aschin

Principal Mining Consultant

Jack Pickering

Ethereum Developer

Jonathan Penn

Creative Director

Galin Devev

Full Stack Developer

Wilson Manase

Head of Digital

James Anderson

Data Administrator


This team will be responsible for advising on the day-to-day management of the mined coin portfolio. This function will become increasingly important as more coins are mined and added to the portfolio. The team will design a strategy that maximises the benefit to token holders of any price movements in the overall market.

Malcolm Cauchi

Ex Saxo Bank &
Targo (Crypto) Exchange

With over a decade of experience in capital markets, working with investment banks/brokerages since 2006, Malcolm entered the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry in 2013, acting as a consultant to companies wishing to adopt the blockchain within their business. He also advises them how to acquire and safely keep cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Charlie Pickering

Chief Technical Officer

Charlie is an experienced CTO with strong commercial, operational and technical leadership experience gained from working within the software services industry for market-leading companies over the last 20 years. He is highly proficient in formulating and executing multi-faceted strategies that drive sustainable revenue growth and deliver incremental ROI year-on-year. Throughout his career Charlie has consistently delivered high quality products in a multitude of different technologies and platforms.

Nicholas Penn


Jesse Johal


Nicki Hinton-Jones

Investment Manager

Martin Vaughan

Regulated Alternative Investment Manager

Bartholomew Gold

Digital Lawyer

Deborah Wade

Finance Director

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