Markings at last! So I obtained my 200 from the trusty Germans for me thus far, 7/7 on the ball, no hiccups. eight days from ordering and signed for supply, tracked all the best way. I used to be anticipating and hoping for the unmarked, plain white blotters that had been beforehand distributed on. Solely as a result of I’m an excessive allergy sufferer so I’d all the time decide to avpid even the tiny quantity of soy-based ink. However then additionally a pleasant privilege to obtain the primary formally printed batch of 1cP-LSD. Has anyone else receievd this new bacth of 1cP-LSD but?

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  1. You could put your tab into a glass of water, wait for a bit and then drink only the water. The 1cp should dissolve but not the ink afaik. 🙂

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