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Individuals at all times appear to speak about how Psychedelics improve your Meditative follow. Nonetheless nobody appears to speak about THAT IT ALSO WORKS THE OTHER WAY AROUND! I’ve been mediating for just a little greater than a 12 months now, with a couple of months break right here and there and doing it for normally 1h a day (CONSISTENTLY). It has helped me tremendously and altered me fairly a bit. Now later I stumbled upon microdosing and thought “Hell yeah this sounds good, why not” I by no means tried any Psychedelics earlier than. The outcomes from only one Week had been completely staggering and the Microdose solely gave the impression to be getting stronger and stronger with every day (0.3g) In a while I ran out of Mushrooms as a result of I began Macrodosing and experimenting and many others. (The results had been actually flipping sturdy. Even solely on 1g) Few months later (now) I finished Meditating once more for like a month now and I used to be very annoyed why the hell the Mushrooms all of the sudden had been so weak! I really feel one thing alright, however Its peanuts in comparison with earlier than. It seems Meditation and Psychedelics go hand in hand. I can safely inform now that it’s AT LEAST three occasions weaker than earlier than. Actually the identical Mushrooms. And I did not take any mushrooms in a number of months. There’s much more I can say to this subject, however.. TL;DR: Meditation HEAVILY strenghtens Psychedelics results

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