What was your most relevatory experience or life realization while micro-dosing and was it worth it?
A bit of context: I’ve taken mushrooms at large doses several times (the last time was two years ago) and while the majority of them were amazing adventures, I’ve had 4 or 3 dreadful ones, that I believe originated from the fact I was taking them a lot and abusing them. I’ll also mention I have experienced psychosis from ingesting an extremely large quantity of P. Subaeruginosa among other items, which have adversely impacted each trip because then… Lately I have been attempting to begin using mushrooms but for great goals i.e. not shooting them to only see trippy shit but choosing them to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle and be more spiritually conscious. My question is; despite high doses onsetting anxiety fuelled nightmares, what’s the chance of gradually returning into the psychedelic headspace via micro/low doses? I hope I can conquer past traumatic experiences with this medication, because while it’s fucked me up somewhat before, it has also prompted great positive change in my entire life through forcing me to face deep seated issues and emotions.

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