What was your most relevatory experience or life realization while micro-dosing and was it worth it?
I have been microdosing psilocybin (~0.2g, following the Stemets protocol) for nearly two months now, and it has been wonderful. I have been higher to myself and to the individuals round me, my relationships have improved, my substance points have been simpler to deal with, I am more healthy, happier, kinder and extra compassionate. I promised myself I might take a break after two months to re-appreciate my baseline and stop potential well being points, however as I get nearer to the date I discover myself scared to cease, scared that I will return to being.. Effectively, much less completely happy, much less wholesome, much less compassionate, and fewer type. Simply much less. And the irony of creating a dependence on microdosing that helped me with substance abuse simply makes it extra irritating. How can I get myself to take that break? Hell, ought to I? I have not seen any literature on extended microdosing (>2 months), although I really feel like taking a break is the appropriate factor to do health-wise

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