My experience with Microdosing acid - 1.5 years later
Hey everyone, I only recently began my 1cp-lsd journey with 10 ug and proper now I’m on my 2nd ON day. me: male, 27yo, 192cm, 90-100 kg – I’m used to 200-400 mg of caffeine a day. perhaps I “want” a bit greater than others. I’m a fan of “feeling” one thing if I strive it out, it does not must be a visit on this case (it’s my first hallucinogenic drug), so I received 2 questions proper now: 1) Ought to I simply check out 15 ug on my third ON day? (or simply carry on going with 10 ug) 2) Proper now my plan was going 1ON2OFF, however I used to be fascinated by having 2-Three ON days per week, 1-2 for work and 1 weekends – would it not be an excessive amount of or may my physique tolerate that quantity going for Three ONs every week? Perhaps somebody has a advice for me – cheers 🙂

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