Research chemicals for Sale

Research chemicals for Sale

Although the RC laws by 2020 are constantly changing and some of our favourite chems are not available on the market anymore, there are still several legit research chemicals vendors operating at full scale.

Where to buy research chemicals in 2020?

Top of the list without doubt is Lizard Labs ( especially if you are ordering wholesale quantities. They have it all for sale from 1P-LSD, 1cP-LSD (one of the latest LSD analogues to hit the RC market) clonazolam, 2fdck, 4-ho-mipt, ald-52. It’s also a known fact that most of the smaller research chemical vendors get their supply directly from Lizard Labs research chemicals for sale

Where to buy research chemicals in Europe?

The Netherlands is a center point of the world of research chemicals. If you get the opportunity to be there you’re in luck because you can find a huge variety of research chemicals for sale in places like Amsterdam. The RC scene here is huge on the level of production, sale and reselling of RC’s here is huge. If your buying small amounts or don’t have any problems with European border customs there are plenty of research chemical vendors to choose from such as chemtheory, smokeyschemsite and realchems.