Is microdosing good for OCD?
Hello all, That is my second time microdosing which I took 2 days between every as a relaxation interval. I work as an internet developer and I’ve positively observed huge improvments in my capability to code. I’m able to sit with an issue for longer and permit potential options to come up out of my thoughts after which analyse each earlier than making a choice. It looks like a greater connection between my left and proper hemisphere of my mind as a result of I’m able to analyse small points with code however then shortly cut back into the broader perspective to see if sure options can be viable. Does this sound acquainted to anybody else? Beforehand I’d be barricaded my emotions of self price and a focus deficit. Nonetheless I feel I have to handle my dose extra precisely as a result of each occasions though I feel I solely took round 1/6 or 1/seventh of a dose which was 125ug, it nonetheless was fairly noticable on the peak. Sorry I do realise now studying this that my dose was means too excessive, please, I’m nonetheless studying. Not a lot that there have been any visuals however I simply felt it, greater than what is nice for a work-day. So I have to rail that again just a little bit, to possibly 10-15ug. Perhaps I would like a greater option to measure the doses I’m taking, which is near inconceivable when it’s illegally sources. Sure that’s proper, governments can formally quanitify dosages, or can they? Effectively I would not belief them on some measurements. My one query, however I hope you touch upon different elements additionally, is how typically can I do that with out messing up my thoughts? Thanks

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